gCAP Limited

Instrument Flight Specialists


gCAP is now able to offer the following services:
  • Instrument Approach Procedure design, specialising in RNAV and Point in Space approaches;
  • Help with AOC applications and type/area variations;
  • Writing and amendment of Operations Manuals;
  • Writing and amendment of MELs;
  • Auditing (ops);
  • General advice relating to aviation regulations;
  • Site surveys;
  • Training management. This is essentially a secure gCAP-maintained online database of training and checking, designed to reduce the burden of training management on smaller companies with limited training resources. It allows operators to see details of all their crews' check dates whilst receiving regular notification of forthcoming requirements. It alerts operators to checks which are out of date or nearly so, and enables the CAA to carry out audits with ease. Please contact us for more details and to arrange a free trial.
If you have a specific need for something not listed then please contact us. We have a wide network of contacts who can provide all sorts of services and training (eg CRM and Dangerous Goods), and we would be very happy to pass your enquiry to someone best qualified to help.
Our rates reflect the industry standard; please call for a quotation. Any formal estimate given in advance will be adhered to provided that all relevant information has been disclosed at the outset.
There is a high demand for our services, but this does mean that there may be a delay before we can attend to your requirements. We don't like to turn work away, but would rather tell you we can't do something right now than to take your instructions and then fail to deliver on time.